Egypt Go Tours is a travel agency based in Cairo whose idea is to make different types of travel but without neglecting the classics, offering our customers new and customized itineraries so they can know “Other” Egypt ..

We work in Egypt under the name of Zein Tours, an agency of reputable travel Egyptian established in Cairo with a license No. 1754 Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

Egypt is a country that engages, its history, its monuments, its landscapes, its people, its energy … make many people want to come back and see different things, new experiences, so we also have special programs, tours and excursions to meet this demand.

Typical trips to Egypt, both by time and by number and type of visits are too hard to travel with children, so we have to travel in group programs aimed at families with children, including single-parent course where both parents the children will enjoy the country and all it offers with a few visits and schedules made for children can have fun and learn without being a burden to parents. (See offer to spend New Year’s Eve in the White Desert)

We also organize group trips tailored to different types of customers such as singles (individual travelers), religious, esoteric, to play golf, travel students in final year to study Arabic, and Egyptian music instruments, belly dancing, Sufi dancing (dervish) etc. or any other type you suggest.

We have programs of 1 oasis (Siwa / Bahariya & White Desert) 4, 5 or 6 night camping in the White Desert / Whale Valley, Route of the Holy Family and Monasteries (including Mount Sinai), the 7 chakras of Egypt to play golf (stay in resorts that have fields) in both Cairo and the Red Sea, etc.

Our interest in providing the best services usually work with hotels / boats 5 stars but on request can also do this with other less.

We can also provide a wonderful stay in charming hotels and ecological and activities such as climbing Ballooning in Luxor, snorkel (snorkeling and goggles), diving and other water sports on the beaches of the Red Sea.

All this and more is what we can offer, if you do not find what you need, please contact us and we will provide it.

Security and experience combined with affordability and quality of service in order to organize the Best Tour. We aim to provide tailored packages that meet the needs of our customers. We always welcome all your questions. And as browse our website, we are confident of your choice.

Our goal is making your journey with us exceeds your expectations.

Realize your dreams of Egypt.

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